Fundraising Tip: Community Events

Fundraising Tip: Community Events


There are various options for events you can organise to raise money. Options may include a party, family day, a disco or trivia night or food & wine fair.

Events can be extremely worthwhile not only for community builders but also fundraisers.  Since large-scale events involve a lot, time or resources you may want to consider participating in a community event run by another organisation, such as local events, festivals or open days.

Offering to run a stall will save time and money compared to running your own event. How about a sausage sizzle, cupcake stand, face painting or colour in competition for kids? Stalls are a great and easy way to raise funds and create awareness among your community. An important element of your fundraising stall that should not be missed is organising promotional charity or fundraising gifts and give-aways.


Custom branded items such as charity bows and pins, balloons, lolly packs, lollipops, wristbands or charity cards are ideal for events such as these and are commonly used to increase breast cancer awareness, environment, anti violence or HIV awareness. Or get custom branded coffee cups and napkins to go with your BBQ or cupcakes.

Printed Macaroons
logo printed macaroons
Printed Cupcake Tops
branded cupcakes
Logo Smarties (25 g)
branded smarties
Printed Square Cocktail Napkins

Community events will help build engagement with your broader community towards your fundraising goals and also raise money without the stress of organising your own event.  You can also benefit from the promotion of the event to your own community! If you’re after promotional fundraising or charity ideas please get in touch with our Sense2 team, who is looking forward to putting together different options for you.


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